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Lower Merion School District, frequent target of litigation, facing claims of segregation

The Lower Merion School District in suburban Philadelphia, which has been sued over its redistricting plan and the laptop webcam controversy, is once again facing litigation, this time over an alleged plot to place students in special education classes on the basis of race.

Job discrimination lawsuit filed against aircraft service firm at Philadelphia International Airport

A man who became injured during his job with an aircraft service firm at Philadelphia International Airport is suing his former employer, alleging his termination was related to his needing to take medical leave for an injury he sustained while working.

Pedestrian struck by trash truck sues waste hauling company and driver

A Bucks County, Pa. man who claims he was struck by a trash truck while he was walking along the side of a road in suburban Philadelphia is suing the company that owns the trash truck and the driver who was operating the vehicle at the time.

Pa. hospital sued over alleged ethnic intimidation and discrimination

A Lansdale, Pa. woman who alleges she experienced constant harassment at her workplace because of her race, actions which she claims subsequently resulted in her termination, has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against her former employer.

FBI named as defendant in civil action involving vehicle accident

A New Jersey insurance company has filed a federal lawsuit against an employee of the FBI’s Philadelphia office, claiming the man’s careless driving caused extensive damage to a vehicle insured by the plaintiff.

Injured motorcyclist files personal injury claim

A motorcyclist from Montgomery County, Pa. who claims he sustained serious bodily injuries after being struck by another driver is suing the couple who owns the other vehicle involved in the accident.

City supermarket faces premises liability lawsuit after slip-and-fall incident

A Philadelphia woman is suing a city supermarket for injuries she claims to have sustained after falling at the grocery store.

Homeowners sue PHA over rodent problems caused by derelict adjacent property

Two Philadelphia residents who claim they cannot obtain homeowners insurance for their property due to the rundown condition of an adjacent Philadelphia Housing Authority-owned parcel are suing the city agency in state court.

Parties in Lower Merion School District segregation lawsuit speak out

Four years ago, Aginah Carter Shabazz was going through a rough time.

FEMA lawsuit over unsettled claims moves to federal court

A lawsuit filed against the Federal Emergency Management Agency by a suburban Philadelphia window cleaning business over allegations of nonpayment of flood insurance claims has been moved from Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court to federal court.

Laid off HR manager sues over job loss

A former human resources manager for a Pennsylvania healthcare company who claims she was laid off and replaced by a younger worker is suing her former employer in federal court.

Bucks County, Pa. school hit with age discrimination lawsuit

A 33-year employee of a Bucks County, Pa. school who is two years short of receiving her pension is now suing her employer, alleging the educational institution is discriminating against her because of her age.

Quest Diagnostics sued over allegedly misreading woman's pap results

A Norristown, Pa. woman who blames her cervical cancer diagnosis on faulty testing on the part of a lab working with healthcare providers is suing the company that allegedly misread her results.

Lawsuit stemming from multi-vehicle crash moved to federal court

A civil suit that stemmed from a multi-vehicle accident in western Pennsylvania last winter - originally filed in state court - has been removed to federal court in Philadelphia since the amount in question exceeds the arbitrational limits at the local level.

Philly inmate challenges his sentence through writ of habeas corpus

A Philadelphia man who is serving out time in county prison for driving without a license and other traffic infractions is challenging his detention in federal court.

Philadelphia couple sues Philly cop and city for alleged police abuses

A Philadelphia man who claims he was physically assaulted without cause in his own home by a city police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the public servant.

Albert W. Sheppard, longtime Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge, dies at age 74

A well-respected Philadelphia jurist who helped to spearhead a new way of dealing with commerce litigation here in the city has died.

Fired pregnant worker alleges discrimination in federal lawsuit

A Philadelphia woman who had to take an extended medical leave because of pregnancy complications, and who claims she was fired as she was about to return to work, has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against her former employer.

Couple injured in apartment complex fire files lawsuit against landlord

A husband and wife who claim they suffered serious bodily injuries after a fire at their apartment complex, a blaze that took firefighters 10 house to get under control, has filed a civil action against the property’s owner, alleging the company’s inaction indirectly led to their trauma.

Philly International Airport faces slip-and-fall lawsuit

A New Jersey man who claims he was injured after slipping on a puddle of motor oil in the parking lot of Philadelphia International Airport is suing the airfield in civil court.