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McDonald's customer claims dirt was in hamburger

PITTSBURGH – A Valencia woman alleges she was served a contaminated hamburger at a Pittsburgh McDonald's.

Worker alleges unsafe environment at Pittsburgh project caused fall, wrist fracture

PITTSBURGH – A Mars man alleges he was injured while working on a Pittsburgh construction project.

Woman alleges she sustained knee injury in fall at Sojourner House Moms

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh woman alleges she fell in a business because of the state of the floor.

Driver alleges injuries after rear-end collision in Wexford

PITTSBURGH – A Cranberry woman is seeking damages from a Pittsburgh driver after a collision in Wexford.

Dodge Charger has transmission issues, Pittsburgh consumer claims

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh consumer alleges a Dodge vehicle she purchased has issues with the transmission.

Woman alleges fall at Outback Steakhouse fractured knee

PITTSBURGH – A Scottdale woman alleges she was injured at a Monroeville restaurant because of a greasy floor.

Consumer claims Ford vehicle has defects

PITTSBURGH – A Lawrence woman alleges a Ford vehicle she purchased has defects that have not been repaired despite attempts to do so.

Woman files suit against State Farm over underinsured motorist benefits claim

PITTSBURGH – A woman injured in an auto accident has filed a suit against her insurer over allegations it refuses to tender an offer of underinsured motorist benefits for her injuries.

Metals processing company pursuing reconciliation of $20K outstanding account balance

PHILADELPHIA – A metal processing company has initiated litigation against a rigging and metals shipping firm in state court, in the pursuit of reconciling an outstanding account balance of more than $20,000.

Scrapped property sale leads to breach of contract suit between Pennsylvania and Texas companies

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia real estate company is pursuing legal action against a Texas lending firm in state court for alleged breach of contract, in regards to a scrapped property sale.

Former UPMC doctor seeks more than $227K in alleged back pay

PITTSBURGH – A former physician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is seeking well over $200,000 in back pay he feels he is due after being terminated from his employment.

Radiology and MRI companies locked in litigation over $68K in outstanding payments

PITTSBURGH – A Florida radiology firm is suing a Pennsylvania MRI company and its ownership for alleged failure to pay for services rendered from October 2017 to January 2018, committing breach of contract and other offenses in excess of $68,000.

American Wind Transport Group LLC alleged to have failed to pay in full for services

PITTSBURGH – A Louisiana man alleges a Pittsburgh company failed to pay him in full for his services.

Man alleges age, nationality factor in termination from Rice Energy Inc.

PITTSBURGH – A Canadian man residing in Pittsburgh alleges a Canonsburg employer wrongfully terminated him.

Mercik Unlimited Inc. employee alleges she is owed unpaid overtime wages

PITTSBURGH – A Kittanning woman alleges her employer has not paid her at the correct rate for her overtime work.

New York man alleges Trans Union, Equifax mixed credit file with another individual's file

PHILADELPHIA – A New York resident alleges two credit bureaus have mixed his credit file with that of a family member.