A Philadelphia County couple are suing a property owner over claims the wife sustained injuries as a result of a poorly maintained sidewalk.

Rita Churnestski and Joe Churnestski filed a lawsuit Feb. 11 in the Philadelphia County District Court against Janet Kennedy, formerly known as Janet Cross, citing negligence.

The plaintiffs claim on April 26, 2012, Rita suffered injuries when she fell due to a cracked and uneven sidewalk at 5422 N. Fairhill St. in Philadelphia. According to the brief, the defendant failed to inspect and maintain the sidewalk, causing Rita to fall, resulting in severe injuries to her head, neck, back, arms, legs and body, including sprained left wrist and broken finger.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages for an amount less than $50,000. They are being represented in the case by Philadelphia attorney Tristram Heinz.

Philadelphia County District Court Case No. 140201067.

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