Driver sues Greyhound for injuries from bus accident

By Jim Boyle | Oct 13, 2014

The operator of a Greyhound bus did not pay attention to surrounding vehicles while

making a turn on a Philadelphia street, resulting in an accident that caused severe injuries to one driver who filed a personal injury suit at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Nigist Gebreselassie, of Philadelphia, seeks damages of more than $50,000 on charges of negligence against the bus drover and entrusted negligence against his employer, Greyhound Lines.

According to the claim, on Sept. 25, 2012, Gebreselassie was traveling southeast on 55th Street and stopped at the red light on Woodland Ave. At the same time, a Greyhound bus driven by Ray Lewis was approaching the intersection from the northeast bound side of Woodland Ave.

As Lewis started to turn onto 55th street, the complaint alleges that he did not take extra precaution to remain aware of surrounding traffic. The bus rammed into the front of Gebreselassie, allegedly causing severe and permanent injuries to the plaintiff.

The complaint says that Gebreselassie experienced a thigh contusion, hip sprain, disc protusions, neck and back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The plaintiff has been forced to fund increasing medical expenses during his rehabilitation while suffering a diminished earning potential to help cover the costs.

All defendants have been held negligent for their role in the accident, including Lewis for failing to maintain control of the bus and remain aware of local traffic. Lewis' employers are held liable for employing Lewis and not properly training him to navigate city roadways.

Gebreselassie is represented by Edith A. Pearce of the Pearce Law Firm in Philadelphia.

The case ID is 140902238.

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