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Attorney: Insurers denying coverage on labelling class actions

Defendants in class actions like a recent lawsuit against Tyson over its pet treats might first have to fight to have their insurance company to cover their legal costs, a Philadelphia attorney says.

'Gasland' verdict, $4.2M, extremely disappointing for defendants, attorney says

SCRANTON - A federal jury's decision to award $4.2 million to two families featured in the Emmy Award-winning documentary "Gasland" was fueled by publicity, a New York City attorney says.

Commission's pipeline ruling expands complaints over safety

A Sept. 15 ruling opens the door for private parties to bring complaints against pipeline companies for alleged safety violations in Pennsylvania, virtually expanding "the universe of 'pipeline inspectors.'"

Philadelphia companies could face fines, lawsuits if they violate new background check rules

Under new rules in Philadelphia, employers will need to be avoid asking questions about an applicant’s criminal background or risk facing private lawsuits and city fines.

Pittsburgh-based for-profit education company settles with government for $96 million

The nation’s second-largest network of for-profit colleges has settled with the United States for almost $96 million over allegations that it conducted commission-based recruiting of students.