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Dispute over gun license settlement sent back to lower court

A class action lawsuit filed by a John Doe against the city of Philadelphia for alleged privacy violations of the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act of 1995 was remanded by Judge P. Kevin Brobson back to the trial court for further consideration on April 4.

Pa. Supreme Court rejects DEP’s method for calculating water pollution penalties

In a 5-2 decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently rejected the state Department of Environmental Protection’s method for assessing water contamination fines in a dispute with EQT Production Company over damages caused by water that had leaked from the company's hydraulic fracture gas wells in 2012.

Commonwealth Court overturns decision to strike winning horse from race

HARRISBURG — A Pennsylvania appellate court has reversed a decision by the State Horse Racing Commission to disqualify the winning horse in a race held at Philadelphia PARX in 2016, according to a decision filed on April 9 in the Commonwealth Court.

Court upholds decision to award unemployment compensation to woman who feared for safety at work

A Pennsylvania appellate court has upheld a decision by the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review to award unemployment compensation to a woman who quit her job because she feared for her personal safety, according to a ruling filed on April 5 in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

Discrimination not a factor in woman not getting prison nurse job, court rules

HARRISBURG — A Pennsylvania appeals court recently affirmed a lower court’s decision to grant separate motions for summary judgment filed by a health care provider and the City of Philadelphia, which had been accused of denying a woman employment because of her race and criminal background.