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Pennsylvania store owner facing breach of contract suit from Missouri music and electronics distributor

PITTSBURGH – A Missouri distributor of musical instruments, audio, lighting and consumer electronics has filed suit against a Pennsylvania music store owner for breach of contract.

Injured sub-contractor says flooring company owner left stair system disabled on construction site

PITTSBURGH – A flooring company’s owner alleged negligence in handling a floating stair system caused a plaintiff’s severe bodily injuries on a local construction site, a newly-filed lawsuit states.

Former U.S. Steel pipefitter says benzene exposure at plant caused his leukemia

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff who worked as a pipefitter at the U.S. Steel-owned Clairton Works for 12 years, claims his leukemia was caused by routine exposure to benzene and benzene-containing products at the facility.

Giant Eagle market's dangerous condition led to plaintiff's injuries, lawsuit avers

PITTSBURGH – A man’s hip and back injuries sustained at a Pittsburgh supermarket are the result of the store’s allegedly-deficient condition, which a lawsuit says led to that accident.

Asphalt depression on Comcast property leads to plaintiff's injuries, she says

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff has sued Comcast and its building’s property management for injuries she claims to have received on its premises in October 2016.

Parents sue on behalf of son injured in Pittsburgh laser tag facility

PITTSBURGH – A couple whose son was allegedly injured while playing a game of indoor laser tag have filed a lawsuit against the entertainment entities that own and are responsible for the laser tag facility.

State Farm takes construction company to state court for allegedly damaging policyholders' garage

PITTSBURGH – A local construction company is being taken to court for allegedly damaging one of its clients’ properties when removing their garage, and is facing legal action from the homeowners’ insurance company.

Electrical and construction companies battling in court over breached contract

PITTSBURGH – Allegedly broken agreements connected to a Bethel Park construction project are at the center of recently-filed litigation between an electrical company plaintiff and construction company defendants.

Property owner seeking outstanding rent and lease payments from Pittsburgh-area OfficeMax

PITTSBURGH – A landlord is seeking tens of thousands of dollars in allegedly-overdue rent and lease payments from office supplies retailer OfficeMax (now known as Office Depot), in connection with a property in Pittsburgh.

Souper Bowl flooded; Dispute with insurer follows

PITTSBURGH – A restaurant and tavern which suffered water damage due to a burst pipe believes its insurance carrier failed to cover it for the various damages it sustained in that incident.

Brookline Tobacco Outlet sued over customer's alleged fall

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh tobacco company’s property and its supposedly-dangerous condition led a plaintiff to suffer severe neck, back and other injuries, according to recently-filed litigation.

Senior citizen sues Cheswick facilities over alleged fall

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff suffering from Lewy body dementia says a local Easter Seals facility and a senior citizen transportation organization were negligent in failing to prevent a fall that seriously injured her.

Plaintiff says full-body injuries were caused by restaurant's faulty stairwell

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff has launched legal action against a restaurant, its management companies and ownership for its lack of care relating to a stairwell which allegedly injured the plaintiff.

D.C. news service claims Pittsburgh broadcasting company committed breach of contract

PITTSBURGH – Per a recently-filed lawsuit in state court, a news service based in the District of Columbia is looking to recoup nearly $200,000 from a Pittsburgh broadcasting company.

Man alleges knee injuries are result of leaky hydraulic parking lift

PITTSBURGH – A local couple alleging the husband suffered severe injuries in a hydraulic lift accident have initiated legal action versus a number of corporate and personal entities they believe are responsible.

Water company seeking $111K in allegedly outstanding funds from consulting group

PITTSBURGH – The use of tools and construction supplies totaling more than $110,000 in costs is at the center of a newly-filed lawsuit between a local water company and a consulting agency.

Female football player says drunk ex-girlfriend assaulted her at Pittsburgh Marriott, sues the hotel

PITTSBURGH – A woman who claims she was brutally assaulted by her ex-girlfriend at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Pittsburgh, has sued both the hotel chain for negligence and the former girlfriend for assault and battery.

Fall from scaffolding leads to lawsuit against construction company

PITTSBURGH – A Mills Run couple alleging the husband suffered severe shoulder injuries in a construction site accident have filed a lawsuit against the entities they believe are responsible.

Lawsuit: $94K in contributions and wage deductions for seven construction projects not paid

PITTSBURGH – A group from Pittsburgh claims a Philadelphia bonding company has neglected to pay it in excess of $94,000 in contributions and wage deductions, and seeks to recoup that sum in state court.

Consulting group says client owes it in excess of $40K, suit states

PITTSBURGH – A construction consulting organization has filed legal action against one of its clients for allegedly-unpaid services rendered in excess of $40,000.