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Equal partnership somehow led to unequal distribution of corporate monies, plaintiff alleges

PITTSBURGH – A corporation’s contributing partner has initiated legal action looking to correct alleged financial mismanagement by the other partner in that corporation, and its representatives.

Lawsuit: ManorCare pursuing recovery of nursing care costs

PITTSBURGH – A local elder care facility is looking to recoup more than $64,000 in care costs from the spouse and son of a former patient, who resided there for a period of just over 16 months between 2015 and 2017.

Turtle Creek company claims more than $300K outstanding from Holocaust Memorial Museum project

PITTSBURGH – A Turtle Creek-based wall panel manufacturer is looking to recoup over $300,000 in unpaid funds from a Maryland construction company, connected to a project at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, D.C.

Nursing facility looking to recoup more than $100K in care costs from family of former patient

PITTSBURGH – A newly filed lawsuit claims a defendant owes more than $100,000 for long-term care provided to his deceased spouse by a Greensburg nursing facility.

Lawsuit: Unseen pothole on North Versailles property caused plaintiff's injuries

PITTSBURGH – A local plaintiff has sued a number of entities in connection with severe leg and ankle injuries she says she suffered on the premises of a North Versailles property.

Severe neck injuries led to surgery for plaintiff injured in grocery entranceway, according to lawsuit

PITTSBURGH – A local food establishment is the subject of legal action from a plaintiff who suffered cervical neck injuries and scarring, as a result of an accident on their premises.

Plaintiff: Pharmacy's shopping center parking lot contained dangerous condition

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff injured in a shopping center pharmacy’s parking lot has initiated litigation against the parties she believes are responsible for her severe lung and skull injuries.

Lawsuit: Glass block supplier needs to reconcile $30K in construction funds

PITTSBURGH – A façade and wall panel manufacturer is seeking nearly $30,000 in unpaid funds from a New York-based glass block supplier, in regards to a construction project at Colgate University.

More than $52K still to be paid from Penn Hills municipal construction project, suit states

PITTSBURGH – A recently-filed lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court sees a Glassport construction and paving group suing one of its subcontractors and a bond company, in connection with a project for construction work of municipal buildings in Penn Hills.

Construction and insurance companies battling over $73K in outstanding funds

PITTSBURGH – An alleged outstanding amount in excess of $73,000 is at the center of a newly-filed lawsuit between construction and insurance companies in state court.

Pittsburgh man says energy company's telephone calls violated TCPA

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh man believes a Texas-based energy company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) when it solicited his business over the phone to buy electricity.

Pittsburgh veterinarian files defamation suit over customers' Facebook post

PITTSBURGH – A local veterinary clinic and one of its physicians has launched a defamation lawsuit against one of the facility’s former clients who allegedly claimed their dog was physically abused and mistreated.

Lawsuit: Postal carrier allegedly suffers spinal and arm injuries after defendants' dogs attacked him

PITTSBURGH – A mail carrier supposedly attacked by a pair of large dogs in the course of his employment duties has initiated legal action against the owners of the dogs, in order to recover damages caused by the injuries he sustained in the attack.

Unleashed dog supposedly led to plaintiff's broken wrist and other injuries

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh woman who allegedly suffered a broken wrist when an unleashed dog knocked her to the ground has sued the apartment complex where the accident took place and its management companies.

Improperly-installed Gutter Helmet system led plaintiff's home to be infiltrated by mold, suit says

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh couple whose home was severely damaged by mold infiltration has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and installers of the system designed to prevent such a circumstance.

Virginia loan program wants outstanding funds from Pa. defendant

PITTSBURGH – A Pennsylvania resident is facing legal action after allegedly defaulting on the terms of the promissory note offered by a professional loan program trust.

Natural gas company created dangerous condition and caused plaintiff's injuries, suit says

PITTSBURGH – A McKeesport woman has initiated litigation against a natural gas group whose alleged premises related-negligence led her to suffer a number of injuries, including a broken left leg and ankle.

Former executive sues CBS for executive pension payments he says are due him

PITTSBURGH – A former Westinghouse Electric Corporation (now CBS Corporation) executive believes the network violated an agreement it signed with him to continue providing his pension payments after a brief return from retirement.

Lawsuit: Man's eye injuries the result of theme park's contaminated water

PITTSBURGH – Permanent eye damage allegedly caused by a parasite in unclean water splashed into the face of a theme park visitor has led that same visitor and his spouse to file litigation against the park.

Pittsburgh bank says note holder defaulted on mandatory payments

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh-based bank is pursuing legal action against a mortgage note recipient it says it has had a relationship with since 2001.