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Virus-related shutdown of Philadelphia courts website has lasted almost four weeks and counting

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 14, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – For well over three weeks, the City of Philadelphia website governing electronic filing and viewing of case dockets for the local court system has been offline due to a virus – and the City is not offering much about the matter.

Walmart denied summary judgment against claims of woman who fell in West Mifflin store

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 14, 2019

PITTSBURGH – A motion for summary judgment brought by a West Mifflin Walmart store against a woman allegedly injured in its produce section was recently denied in a Pittsburgh court.

Western Pennsylvania Hospital dismisses suit against healthcare firm over claim payment dispute

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 14, 2019

PITTSBURGH – Western Pennsylvania Hospital recently opted to dismiss a lawsuit it filed a year ago against a health insurance provider for negligence and bad faith, for allegedly denying claim payment for emergency medical care administered to a Pennsylvania woman’s late husband.

Glade Run treatment center calls allegedly molested boy's abuse claims 'scandalous' and 'impertinent'

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 13, 2019

PITTSBURGH – In response to claims from a developmentally-disabled young man and his parents who allege he was molested at a residential treatment facility for children, the institution says the claims are both baseless and impertinent.

Case of man allegedly killed by fans at Pittsburgh Steelers home game subject to confidentiality agreement

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 13, 2019

PITTSBURGH – According to recent filings in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, a confidentiality agreement is potentially in play in regards to a case centered on the killing of a man in an altercation at a Pittsburgh Steelers game in November 2016.

Settlement reached in lawsuit against Christmas Tree Shops surrounding exploding jar

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 12, 2019

ALLENTOWN – A lawsuit filed by an Effort couple against Christmas Tree Shops that claims the store chain negligently sold a jar that exploded and caused severe hand injuries to one of the plaintiffs was settled.

Aldi supermarket fights lawsuit of Pittsburgh woman allegedly maimed by exploding turkey burger

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 12, 2019

PITTSBURGH – The Aldi supermarket chain is opposing the claims of a Pittsburgh woman who claims to have been burned and permanently scarred as a result of an exploding turkey burger.

Inmate who says retired prison unit manager retaliated against him sees case enter settlement proceedings

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 12, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A settlement conference was recently scheduled for a lawsuit brought by an inmate serving a life sentence at SCI-Phoenix who claimed a now-retired prison unit manager retaliated against him on two occasions.

Suits alleging hearing damage suffered by military members from 3M earplugs moved to Florida federal court

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 10, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A federal judge has transferred numerous litigations from U.S. military veterans who claimed 3M’s Combat-Arms Earplugs were the cause of their hearing damage and deafness to a Florida federal court.

Elliott Greenleaf firm's suit to recover over $150K in fees not going back to Montgomery County court

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 10, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A lawsuit brought by a Montgomery County law firm to recover more than $150,000 in counsel and other fees from the current chief executive officer of Mobilactive and the one-time executive vice president and general counsel of Comcast Corporation will not be remanded to state court.

Landlord's lawsuit against Allstate Insurance Company for damage-related coverage is settled

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 10, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – An action filed by a landlord who suffered water damages to his rental properties and sued Allstate Insurance Company for breach of contract and bad faith has been dismissed.

Parents of 'Trump Mini-Me' appeal loss of defamation lawsuit against Newsweek

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 7, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – After losing their case against Newsweek Magazine in a Philadelphia federal court this past spring, the parents of a child supporter of President Donald Trump who claimed he was defamed in the publication have appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Pa. case concerning coin collection sale stayed while New York issues play out

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 6, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A federal judge has ruled that a lawsuit concerning a dispute over ownership and sale of a valuable coin collection is stayed, while concurrent court matters relating to it are adjudicated in a New York federal court.

Federalist Society panel contends the ALI, a powerful legal group, has shifted its focus

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 6, 2019

WASHINGTON – Is the American Law Institute remaining true to its mission of restating law to produce accurate advisory guidelines for courts to decide cases in various aspects of law, or is it straying into territory apart from that mission?

Federal judge: 24 Essure personal injury cases not headed back to state court

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 5, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – Twenty-four personal injury cases filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals from women who used its Essure birth control device will not be returning to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, per a recent federal court ruling.

Judge compels arbitration updates in wrongful termination suit between Ritz-Carlton Hotel and former manager

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 5, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A federal judge has ordered both a former manager at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel suing his former employer for wrongful termination and the hotel company itself to provide the court regular updates on the status of ongoing arbitration proceedings in their case.

Gamblers' lawsuit blames $250K in losses at SugarHouse Casino on dealers they say bungled the shuffling of cards

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 5, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A pair of card players who sustained combined losses of a quarter-million dollars at Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino have alleged the gaming establishment supplied their table games incorrectly and illegitimately, literally stacking the deck in its own favor.

Defense and indemnification action involving Penn National, Travelers insurance companies is dismissed

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 4, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – A dismissal was reached in a federal court suit surrounding an underlying personal injury action which had a construction company seeking both indemnification and defense from the Penn National and Travelers insurance companies.

Bucks County found liable for violating state criminal history records act in $67 million jury verdict

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 4, 2019

DOYLESTOWN – Bucks County could be on the hook for a $67 million punitive damages verdict, after a federal court jury recently determined in a class action lawsuit that the county and its department of corrections violated the state’s Criminal History Records Information Act.

Boyertown School District's transgender restroom policy will stand after denial from SCOTUS

By Nicholas Malfitano | Jun 3, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the Boyertown Area School District’s policy of allowing transgender students to use the restroom facilities corresponding to their gender identity.

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