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Ridley Park, Pa. man files asbestos mass tort suit

A Ridley Park, Pa. man has filed a mass tort lawsuit against asbestos manufacturers and distributors alleging the mesothelioma he was diagnosed with in April 2011 is directly related to his work history.

Family of teen who plunged to death in Mexico awarded $15 million

The estate of a teenager who plunged to his death during an organized trip to Mexico has been awarded a $15 judgment, according to court papers.

Court employee sues city and police officers for wrongful arrest

A Philadelphia resident, and employee of Philadelphia’s court system, who alleges he was assaulted by city police officers is suing the City of Philadelphia and the cops involved in the incident for assault and battery.

Federal civil rights lawsuit filed against city and police officers

A woman who was tailgated by a man who later said he was a police officer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia and two Philly cops.

Dog attack leads to personal injury lawsuit

The parent of a child who got bitten by a dog while visiting a friend’s house is suing the owner of the animal for injuries her son sustained because of the incident.

Death of 29-year-old in chocolate vat leads to wrongful death suit

The parents of a 29-year-old man who died after falling into a chocolate-mixing vat at his place of employment is suing the company where he worked and others involved in the chocolate making operation.

Fall on school district property spurs premises liability lawsuit

A woman who fell and injured herself while attending a wedding at a Philadelphia School District-owned park two summers ago is suing the school district in civil court.

PECO Energy Co. hit with slip-and-fall lawsuit

A Philadelphia man who tripped over a utility grate protruding from a city street is suing the PECO Energy Co. for injuries he allegedly sustained as a result of the fall.

Pa. lawyer examines civil immunity provision in new 'castle doctrine' law

With a stroke of his pen, Pennsylvania’s chief executive appears to have made it difficult, if not near impossible, for survivors of attackers killed in self-defense shootings to sue the person who killed their family member.

City of Philadelphia named in slip-and-fall lawsuit

A man who claims he sustained injuries after falling into a hole on a stretch of city sidewalk is suing the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Gas Works.

Philadelphia Bar Association withdraws lawsuit over city's new lobbying law

It appears as though a lawsuit filed by the Philadelphia Bar Association challenging a new city lobbying disclosure law has been put on hold, at least for the time being.

Philly School District faces premises liability suit

A city woman who allegedly injured herself outside of a school district-owned building is suing the City of Philadelphia and the School District of Philadelphia in civil court.

Children's store injury leads to premises liability claim

A Philadelphia couple is suing a city children’s store for injuries the wife sustained after being struck with a cart operated by a store employee.

Two more Yaz lawsuits filed in Philly courts

Two women have filed Yaz mass tort lawsuits at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, alleging that the birth control drug caused them various physical injuries.

Grocery store slip-and-fall subject of personal injury lawsuit

A Philadelphia woman who slipped and fell on a puddle of water inside a city grocery store is suing the business and others for injuries she sustained because of the accident.

Worker who had finger amputated sues company

An employee of a Bucks County company who got his fingers caught in a piece of machinery is suing the business for injuries he allegedly received as a result of the incident.

Attack at Drexel University leads to assault and battery lawsuit

A Marlton, N.J. man who was assaulted on property owned by Drexel University is suing the college and the man who allegedly attacked him.

Parents of girl who died from ferris wheel fall sue amusement park operator

The family of a girl who died after falling from a ferris wheel at a New Jersey amusement park is suing the operators of the attraction.

Manhole incident subject of premises liability claim

A Philadelphia woman whose leg allegedly got caught in an exposed manhole is suing the City of Philadelphia and others for injuries she received because of the incident.

Philly cop with alleged history of disciplinary issues faces federal lawsuit

A former college student who worked nights as a UPS deliveryman is suing a Philadelphia police officer in federal court, alleging she arrested him in a case of mistaken identity.