Defense attorney for U.S. Virgin Islands-based client withdraws appearance

By Nicholas Malfitano | Aug 14, 2015

Pearlette V. Toussant  

PHILADELPHIA – Defense counsel for a party named in a negligence lawsuit has motioned to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas to withdraw her appearance, according to court records.

Pearlette V. Toussant filed her withdrawal motion on July 13, stating defendant Billye J. Mayo, a resident of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, no longer wanted legal representation in this matter for “financial and other reasons.”

Mayo apparently couldn’t make a payment to counsel for services rendered, and requested Toussant withdraw from the case, though Mayor further requested copies of all pertinent documents in this proceeding to be forwarded to her residence in St. Thomas.

As there were no outstanding motions to compel discovery or sanctions for failure to provide discovery responses, Toussant felt the Court should grant her motion. A hearing in this matter was scheduled for Thursday in Court chambers at Philadelphia City Hall.

Philadelphia resident Esther Thomas filed suit against Mayo and the City of Philadelphia’s Risk Management Department’s Claims Unit in March, in connection with a fall she suffered more than two years ago. 

On April 5, 2013, Thomas was walking on a sidewalk located near 3128 Haverford Avenue and 32nd Street in Philadelphia, when a break or unevenness in the pavement caused her to fall and injure herself. Thomas alleges negligence on the part of Mayo and the City in not inspecting, maintaining or repairing the premises led to the accident.

Thomas allegedly suffered head trauma, left knee bruising, cervical, right wrist and left knee sprains and strains, right hand pain and other injuries.

The plaintiff is seeking a sum not in excess of $50,000, plus interest and court costs.

The plaintiff is represented by Marshall D. Bleefeld of Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld, in Jenkintown.

The defendants are also represented by Amanda Justine Dougherty, in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas case 150302288

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