City of Philadelphia pursuing sanctions against slip-and-fall co-defendant

By Nicholas Malfitano | Feb 1, 2016

Drew Salaman  

PHILADELPHIA – An attorney for the City of Philadelphia is seeking sanctions against one of its co-defendants in a premises liability lawsuit first filed nearly a decade ago.

On Feb. 7, an arbitration award was found in favor of plaintiff Louis Nuccio for $40,000 in premises liability damages for injuries suffered near the property of Pa Chhinsong and Po Adar So and the City of Philadelphia.

The arbiters also found a $40,000 cross-claim by the City against Chhinsong, whose appeal in the matter was quashed on Jan. 9, 2008 by Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge Allan L. Tereshko. The award for Nuccio against the City was satisfied on Jan. 30, 2008, according to court records.

The City seeks judgment against Chhinsong in the principal amount of $40,000, plus $15,600 in interest from Aug. 7, 2007 onward.

Drew Salaman filed a motion for sanctions on Nov. 19, as the defendants did not respond to interrogatory and document requests. Salaman seeks sanctions from the defendants consisting of a daily fine of $100 to the City for every day they do not comply with the prior court orders, plus counsel fees of $250.

A hearing in this matter took place Thursday in Court chambers, at Philadelphia City Hall.

The plaintiffs are represented by Steven A. Liss in Philadelphia.

The defendants are represented by Jeffrey P. Curry and Salaman of Salaman Henry, also in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas case 061100282

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