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Law prof: Lawyers did good job with complaint against Whirpool, 3M

By Emma Gallimore | Mar 29, 2016

Plaintiffs lawyers have done their job in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a Pittsburgh couple against Whirlpool and 3M Purification that alleges a defective refrigerator caused more than $129,617 in damages to their home, a Widener University law professor says.

Lawsuit against Bloomsburg not rare, but might include 'novel' issue, attorney says

By Emma Gallimore | Mar 23, 2016

HARRISBURG - Lawsuits filed by professors who allege discrimination on the part of their employer aren't uncommon, as a recent suit against Bloomsburg University shows, the former lawyer for the American Association for University Professor says.

Pa. business can bring claims against remote employees in Pennsylvania, court rules

By Emma Gallimore | Mar 14, 2016

PHILADELPHIA - A Philadelphia federal judge has ruled that employers can bring legal action against remote employees in Pennsylvania, even if those employees live and work outside of the state.

Univ. of Pennsylvania track athletes lose bid to make minimum wage

By Emma Gallimore | Mar 11, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana federal judge could have drastically changed the economics of collegiate athletics if he'd sided with three University of Pennsylvania athletes, a North Carolina attorney says, but instead he ruled they are not employees of the university.

Battle over paid sick leave laws rages on between states and cities

By Emma Gallimore | Mar 11, 2016

PITTSBURGH - The overturning of Pittsburgh’s paid sick leave ordinance in December might be the start of a new trend in the nationwide debate over paid sick leave, an attorney says.

Attorney: Commerce court could attract businesses to Pennsylvania

By Emma Gallimore | Mar 9, 2016

HARRISBURG - Pennsylvania would do well to follow the examples of states like Delaware and North Carolina in developing a commerce court, a Harrisburg attorney says.

Fired Philadelphia Union coach unsuccessful in wrongful termination lawsuit

By Emma Gallimore | Feb 16, 2016

A federal court continued the practice of deferring to arbitration rulings when it affirmed an arbitrator’s decision in a wrongful termination lawsuit involving the Philadelphia Union soccer team, a New York attorney says.

Third Circuit: Pittsburgh nurse fired for appropriate reasons, not age discrimination

By Emma Gallimore | Feb 12, 2016

Catherine Willis filed an Age Discrimination in Employment Act lawsuit alleging that her job at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh was terminated due to her age. Willis was 61 when she was fired in 2012. The court found she couldn't prove certain aspects of her argument.

Federal judge's ruling a victory for AG Kane in a 'preliminary skirmish'

By Emma Gallimore | Feb 10, 2016

A federal judge has rejected a motion to dismiss a racketeering case brought by Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane and a private law firm involving high-interest rate, short-term loans made to Pennsylvania citizens over the Internet.

Asbestos transparency bill sitting in House Judiciary Committee

By Emma Gallimore | Feb 3, 2016

The Fairness in Claims and Transparency Act, designed to add transparency to the Pennsylvania asbestos recovery system and follows legislation proposed around the country, is awaiting action by the House Judiciary Committee.

Family awarded $3.9M for death of woman during abortion by Gosnell

By Emma Gallimore | Jan 25, 2016

A Philadelphia court recently awarded $3.9 million to the family of a woman who died in 2009 during a botched abortion performed by a man who was later convicted of killing three infants born alive during other abortions.

Facing possible deportion, suspended Penn State student accused of sexual misconduct obtains injunction

By Emma Gallimore | Jan 25, 2016

A Penn State University student recently obtained a temporary injunction on due process grounds that will keep him enrolled after he was accused of sexual misconduct and suspended.

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