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Asplundh to pay $95 million for allegedly hiring undocumented immigrants; Case a cautionary tale for employers

By Kacie Whaley | Nov 1, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – Asplundh Tree Experts, a private company that trims trees and clears brush from gas and power lines headquartered in Willow Grove, will pay a record-breaking settlement of $95 million after allegedly hiring immigrants who were not permitted to work in the U.S.

Woman sues businesses after falling into a hole at Lawrence Park Shopping Center

By Kacie Whaley | Oct 13, 2017

MEDIA – A Newton Square woman has sued a group of businesses after allegedly sustaining severe injuries after falling into a hole.

Supreme Court to hear malpractice case with Facebook posts used as evidence

By Kacie Whaley | Oct 2, 2017

A woman who claimed several medical providers failed to diagnose her with Lyme disease will be taking a medical malpractice suit to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and have her Facebook posts used as evidence against her.

Attorney says court decision finding Philadelphia soda tax is constitutional was 'well-reasoned'

By Kacie Whaley | Aug 22, 2017

HARRISBURG – After the June 14 opinion filed by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirming the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas' judgment that the Philadelphia beverage tax is constitutional, one attorney contends that the decision is well-reasoned.

Judge denies motion to dismiss legal malpractice case; Attorney says he wasn't responsible for appeal

By Kacie Whaley | Jul 10, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – A judge has rejected a motion to dismiss that was filed by an attorney after he was sued for allegedly failing to appeal a case in a timely manner.

State Rep. Jesse White loses appeal against CBS Pittsburgh, radio host in defamation case

By Kacie Whaley | Jun 23, 2017

HARRISBURG — The state Superior Court has affirmed the objections of a radio station sued by a member of the General Assembly who accused it of defamation.

Supreme Court dismisses suit against Gaming Control Board claiming rules barred attorney from new job

By Kacie Whaley | Jun 9, 2017

HARRISBURG — The state Supreme Court has struck down a petition filed by an attorney claiming the state Gaming Control Board was restricting her from taking another job.

Insurer ordered to pay up in contamination case

By Kacie Whaley | May 10, 2017

&&&HARRISBURG — The cost of contamination damages caused by chemical company Johnson Matthey Inc. will still be paid by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Company now that the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has denied the latter the chance to escape responsibility.

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