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US Airways gets out of lawsuit filed by baggage handler hit by door

By David Hutton | Jan 17, 2018

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court has awarded summary judgment to US Airways in a lawsuit filed by an injured baggage handler, but he can continue his claims against companies that designed, built and maintained the door.

Plaintiffs' attorney, weighing possible appeal, says GNC overtime pay ruling 'still a victory'

By Carrie Salls | Jan 17, 2018

HARRISBURG – The plaintiffs’ attorney in a class action overtime pay lawsuit filed against General Nutrition Centers agreed with much of a Dec. 22 appeal ruling entered by the Superior Court.

Med-mal plaintiffs get another shot to prove lawyer botched their claim

By Angela Underwood | Jan 11, 2018

HARRISBURG – An appeal in a 12-year-old legal malpractice lawsuit has gone the way of two plaintiffs who blame their attorney for the dismissal of their medical malpractice case.

Prince Law Offices' challenge of fee allocation arbitration award unsuccessful

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 11, 2018

HARRISBURG – Prince Law Offices has lost its challenge of an arbitration award that allocated legal fees to three other firms that participated in a trial under an independent contractor fee-sharing agreement with Prince, according to a Dec. 18 Superior Court opinion.

Parx Racing may yet get insurer to pay $2.6M punitive award to jockey's widow

By Carrie Salls | Dec 28, 2017

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court of Pennsylvania has vacated a Philadelphia County order allowing the denial of insurance coverage for punitive damages awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit, according to an opinion entered on Nov. 30.

Superior Court overturns order absolving Aramark of blame in hospital scrub room fall case

By Carrie Salls | Dec 28, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court has overturned a Philadelphia County order that found Aramark Healthcare Support Services was not subject to vicarious liability in connection with a Holy Redeemer Hospital nurse’s fall on a recently mopped scrub room floor.

Wrongful death case against Citizen Care group home over choking death remanded to trial court

By Dee Thompson | Dec 28, 2017

HARRISBURG – The dismissal of wrongful death lawsuit arising from the accidental choking death of a mentally disabled man has been affirmed by the state Superior Court.

Surgeon loses appeal after allegedly performing procedures without permission at Somerset Hospital

By Carrie Salls | Dec 28, 2017

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court has upheld a Somerset County order granting summary judgment in favor of Somerset Hospital in an appeal filed by a surgeon who allegedly performed two procedures at the hospital without permission.

Superior Court affirms jury verdict not result of coercion in ceiling collapse case

By Sara McCleary | Dec 21, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – In a decision filed Dec. 8, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania affirmed that a lower court did not abuse its discretion by refusing to end deliberations after a jury claimed it was deadlocked.

Superior Court upholds nonsuit ruling in Equitrans royalty dispute case

By Dee Thompson | Dec 21, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of a case in which a couple accused Equitrans of failing to abide by the terms of an oil and gas lease.

Superior Court upholds dismissal of personal injury case due to inactivity

By Dawn Geske | Dec 20, 2017

HARRISBURG – A personal injury case that was inactive for seven years has been denied reinstatement by the state Superior Court.

Waldron Electric's fight to recover more in breach of contract case sent back to trial court

By Carrie Salls | Dec 12, 2017

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court sent part of a breach of contract and unjust enrichment case filed against Waldron Electric Heating and Cooling Inc. back to the Washington County Court of Common Pleas for further proceedings, according to an opinion filed Nov. 14.

Appellate court upholds jury verdict against Archdiocese of Philadelphia in defamation case

By Dee Thompson | Dec 5, 2017

HARRISBURG – A defamation case against the archdiocese of Philadelphia has been decided in the favor of the teacher who sued. The Catholic school teacher was accused of helping her students cheat on standardized tests.

After breakup, court asked to determine who gets the dog

By Angela Underwood | Dec 5, 2017

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court has upheld a trial court's ruling in a case involving a separated couple's fight over the ownership of a dog.

Superior Court affirms preliminary injunction ruling to Tyco Fire Products against former employee

By John Sammon | Dec 1, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania on Nov. 17 affirmed a trial court decision granting a preliminary injunction to Tyco International Management Co. LLC and Tyco Fire Products LP in a dispute with a former employee whom Tyco officials accused of violating employment contracts after taking a job with a competing company.

Superior Court of Pennsylvania derails $597,000 judgment against railway companies

By David Hutton | Dec 1, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has overturned a $597,000 judgment against American Premier Underwriters Inc., Consolidated Rail Corp., CSX Transportation, et al. and returned the case back to the lower court for further proceedings because of the actions of the appellee's counsel.

Superior Court overturns only Risperdal verdict in Janssen Pharmaceuticals' favor and orders new trial

By Nicholas Malfitano | Nov 16, 2017

HARRISBURG – A Monday ruling saw the Superior Court of Pennsylvania reverse the lone defense verdict reached in favor of the manufacturer of anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, in the drug’s mass tort proceedings held in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

Superior Court of Pennsylvania affirms summary judgment in ice slip-and-fall lawsuit

By Russell Boniface | Nov 14, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court affirmed a summary judgment on Oct. 27 in favor of Lehigh County Agricultural Society (LCAS) in an ice slip-and-fall injury case.

Suprerior Court quashes wife’s appeal for defendant name change in wrongful death action

By John Sammon | Nov 9, 2017

HARRISBURG – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania on Oct. 31 rejected an appeal by a woman to overturn a 2016 court judgment that denied changing a defendant's name in a wrongful death claim after her husband died in a detoxification center.

Waiver at trampoline park signed by wife without husband's permission; Lawsuit allowed to proceed

By Carrie Salls | Nov 9, 2017

HARRISBURG – Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park lost an appeal filed in a personal injury lawsuit after the Superior Court ruled that the injured party’s wife signed participation paperwork on his behalf without his consent, according to an Oct. 31 opinion.

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