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Shamrockclean Inc. alleged to owe more than $1,000 to labor union funds

PHILADELPHIA – A Florida company is alleged to owe contributions to several labor union funds.

Man alleges he was wrongfully terminated by Macquarie Investment Management

PHILADELPHIA – A New Jersey man alleges he was wrongfully terminated for engaging in protected activities.

Woman alleges Lincoln University of Commonwealth System of Higher Education wrongfully terminated her

PHILADELPHIA – An Oxford woman alleges she was terminated for using FMLA leave.

Woman alleges Vector Security Inc. unlawfully terminated her for taking FMLA leave

PHILADELPHIA – A Blue Bell resident alleges her Plymouth Meeting employer unlawfully terminated her for taking leave to care for her father.

Torrado Construction Co. claimed to owe more than $395,000 for contributions

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia company is alleged to owe several hundred thousand dollars in unpaid benefit contributions.

VG Concrete alleged to have breached bargaining agreement with union funds

PHILADELPHIA – Several labor union funds are seeking to audit a Woolrich Township employer.

Exhibition on Screen LTD alleges Specticast screened films without authorization

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia business is alleged to have distributed and screened three documentary films without authorization.

BitTorrent user alleged to have unlawfully distributed Strike 3 Holdings adult films

PHILADELPHIA – The owner of several adult films alleges an unknown BitTorrent user has distributed more than two dozen films unlawfully.

BitTorrent user alleged to have unlawfully copied 28 adult films owned by Strike 3 Holdings

PHILADELPHIA – A BitTorrent user whose IP address was traced to Pennsylvania is alleged to have unlawfully distributed more than two dozen adult films.

Velocity Magnetics Inc. seeks declaration of ownership of trade secrets, patent application

PITTSBURGH – A New Castle corporation is seeking declaration from the court regarding the ownership of trade secrets and a patent application.

Virginia loan program wants outstanding funds from Pa. defendant

PITTSBURGH – A Pennsylvania resident is facing legal action after allegedly defaulting on the terms of the promissory note offered by a professional loan program trust.

Natural gas company created dangerous condition and caused plaintiff's injuries, suit says

PITTSBURGH – A McKeesport woman has initiated litigation against a natural gas group whose alleged premises related-negligence led her to suffer a number of injuries, including a broken left leg and ankle.

Former executive sues CBS for executive pension payments he says are due him

PITTSBURGH – A former Westinghouse Electric Corporation (now CBS Corporation) executive believes the network violated an agreement it signed with him to continue providing his pension payments after a brief return from retirement.

Pittsburgh bank says note holder defaulted on mandatory payments

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh-based bank is pursuing legal action against a mortgage note recipient it says it has had a relationship with since 2001.

Commercial cleaning company created dangerous condition in Macy's store, according to plaintiff

PITTSBURGH – A woman allegedly injured on the premises of a Macy’s store in State College has leveled legal action against the department store retailer and its contracted cleaning company for damages.

Lawsuit: Pittsburgh residence's defective stairway led to plaintiff sustaining broken back

PITTSBURGH – A man who allegedly broke his back subsequent to an accident involving a defective stairway landing at a property in Pittsburgh has initiated legal action to support his recovery.

Driver sues Aldi, says he fell during delivery

PITTSBURGH – A delivery driver bringing goods to an Aldi grocery store and allegedly injured by a wooden plank left out on its loading dock is pursuing legal recovery against the grocery chain.

Broken hip and subsequent surgery the fault of Dollar General, complaint alleges

PITTSBURGH – Recently filed legal action in a state court centers on a pedestrian alleging discount retailer Dollar General’s unsafe premises led to the plaintiff’s accident and resulting injuries.

Lawsuit: Pittsburgh restaurant didn't ensure safe premises for customer despite ongoing construction

PITTSBURGH – A plaintiff injured in a Pittsburgh restaurant has alleged it failed to ensure a premises safe for all of its customers, despite recent on-site construction.

Laborers agency pursuing recovery of $180K in contributions and wage deductions

PITTSBURGH – A group from Pittsburgh alleges a New Jersey bonding company has neglected to pay it in excess of $180,000 in contributions and wage deductions, and seeks to recover that amount through legal action.