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Federal government loses request to extend seal on a False Claims Act lawsuit

By Chandra Lye | Nov 2, 2018

District court documents stated they found no good reason to continue to keep the documents private.

Court dismisses some Sherman Act claims brought against Teligent

By Chandra Lye | Oct 30, 2018

In support of their claims, plaintiffs noted there was a federal Department of Justice investigation into the pricing practices of generic drugs.

District court rules fired Petsmart employee must pursue arbitration

By Chandra Lye | Oct 30, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - A Pennsylvania federal judge has granted a motion to dismiss and compel arbitration for Petsmart after a former employee accused the company of firing her due to pregnancy.

Evangelical Community Hospital seeks to dismiss Jehovah's Witness' discrimination lawsuit

By Chandra Lye | Oct 26, 2018

A former employee claims she was passed over for raises, spoken down to and even physically threatened during her work at the hospital.

Federal judge denies Temple University's motion for judgment in $850K discrimination case

By Chandra Lye | Oct 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - A Pennsylvania district court has denied a motion from Temple University in an age discrimination lawsuit that features a six-figure verdict.

Student claims Kaplan University applied her e-signature to arbitration agreement

By Chandra Lye | Oct 24, 2018

HARRISBURG - A former online student of Kaplan University has filed an appeal against an order to arbitrate her dispute, claiming the school misused her e-signature.

Taxpayers say contract given by Philly School District costs $1.3M more than other option, want state court to hear case

By Chandra Lye | Oct 22, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - Pennsylvania taxpayers have filed a request to send their lawsuit against the School District of Philadelphia over a contract awarded to "a very well-connected bidder" back to state court.

Superior Court upholds finding that insurance companies violated consumer protection law

By Chandra Lye | Oct 9, 2018

PITTSBURGH - The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has rejected an appeal from insurance companies in a case that found they “deceitfully profited” in a business dealing.

Superior Court upholds venue decision in med-mal case over childbirth gone wrong

By Chandra Lye | Sep 25, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has sided with a trial court over a question of venue in a medical negligence case.

Pennsylvania Superior Court vacates trial court decision in case of missing stop sign

By Chandra Lye | Sep 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has vacated a lower court’s decision for summary judgment for a construction company in the case of a car collision due to a missing stop sign.

Inmate's case thrown out after he allegedly threatens harm to witnesses, Philadelphia judge

By Chandra Lye | Sep 20, 2018

An inmate has had his case tossed out after he allegedly sent a letter saying he intended to harm the witnesses for the defense.

Pennsylvania court remands case against Pottsgrove School District to hearing official

By Chandra Lye | Sep 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The school district was sued by the mother of a former student who has autism, claiming the district denied the student a free appropriate public education.

Black female athletes to pursue lawsuit claiming Philadelphia school failed to provide equal opportunities

By Chandra Lye | Sep 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania has partially granted a motion to dismiss claim brought against the School Reform Commission and the School District of Philadelphia where two former students have made accusations of sex and race discrimination.

Innovel Solutions fights defamation lawsuit from former employee accused of stealing microwave

By Chandra Lye | Jul 31, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - A company accused by a former employee of defamation has requested the case be dismissed or resolved via arbitration and that it be moved to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County.

RD Legal Funding asks for oral arguments as it fights lawsuit from CFPB, N.Y. AG

By Chandra Lye | Feb 14, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – The disagreement over funding by third parties continues to play out in an exchange between Pennsylvania and New York federal courts, as one such company defends itself from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Supreme Court rules evidence of pedestrian's intoxication relevant in collision case

By Chandra Lye | Oct 5, 2017

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld a trial court’s decision to permit evidence demonstrating the intoxication of a pedestrian who died after being struck by a vehicle.

Aetna HIV lawsuit about envelopes, not cybersecurity

By Chandra Lye | Sep 7, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – A lawsuit against a medical company is a reminder that personal security can also be at risk in offline situations, one data security lawyer says.

HCR ManorCare seeks arbitration of Lancaster Co. lawsuit over fall

By Chandra Lye | Sep 5, 2017

LANCASTER – Nursing home chain HCR ManorCare is arguing that a lawsuit filed against it by a former resident of its Lancaster location should be sent to arbitration.

Judge: Fired vet wrong to include 'convicted felon' language in lawsuit

By Chandra Lye | Aug 3, 2017

ERIE – A U.S. district court judge has permitted parts of a complaint against a Pennsylvania veterinarian to be struck, saying they did not relate to the case.

Superior Court upholds decision granting BMW's motion for change of venue in car-crash case

By Chandra Lye | Jun 12, 2017

\PHILADELPHIA — The state Superior Court upheld on May 24 a venue decision in favor of BMW in a case stemming from a car crash.

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