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Judge says Penn State owed $320K for expenses of summer program for high-schoolers

A federal judge has ruled that Summer Study Programs Inc. must pay Penn State University nearly $320,000 for providing students with “room, board and computer access” during a summer program in 2016, according to a recent decision filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

SCOTUS takes case of Pa. woman forced to make her land open to public because of graveyard

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to hear a property rights lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania landowner who has a graveyard on her property, and the decision could have far-reaching implications across the country, according to the Pacific Legal Foundation - a group that is representing the landowner.

Fired over not using Baden school radios, janitor can't collect unemployment

A woman fired from her job as a janitor for a Pennsylvania school lost her appeal of a decision to deny her unemployment claim due to willful misconduct.

Mountour Heights objects to golfer's lawsuit; Man blames course for cart flipping over

PITTSBURGH – The Montour Heights Country Club in Allegheny County has objected to a lawsuit brought against it by a former guest who blames the course for an accident in a golf cart.

Missouri Supreme Court rules application of Blaine Amendments unconstitutional

For the first time, The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in a case from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that governments must not deny religious entities money simply for being a religious organization.

Commonwealth Court dismisses third complaint in whistleblower suit against AG's office

HARRISBURG – A former solicitor for the attorney general of Pennsylvania who claimed she was fired for making whistleblower reports on her bosses’ allegedly illicit activities has lost her third, and likely final, complaint in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

Penn State fought slip-and-fall lawsuit, saying only one-quarter inch of snow was on walkway

MEDIA – After college student Brittany Gray sued Penn State University over allegations she slipped on ice at its Brandywine Campus, she received an arbitration ruling of less than she originally was seeking.

Superior Court nixes attorneys fees on counter-claim in contract dispute

HARRISBURG – The state Superior Court ruled on Aug. 4 that Sea-Z Inc. may be eligible to receive compensation for attorneys fees incurred fighting a 2011 lawsuit against the company by a contractor.

Foxhound breeders fight over ownership; One side claims dogs were neglected

LANCASTER – Andrews Bridge Foxhounds Inc. is now involved in a legal battle with former shareholders of the company regarding the allegedly unlawful removal of some of the dogs from one kennel to another, and who owns the dogs.