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Pennsylvania net loss carryover unconstitutional in Nextell case, high state court says

HARRISBURG – The state Supreme Court on Oct. 18 said that taxes figured in the case of Nextel Communications violated the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court re-instates police widow's pension, finds arbitration appropriate

HARRISBURG — The state Supreme Court on Oct. 18 found that arbitration is appropriate in a dispute over a pension paid to the wife of a deceased police officer and the city of Arnold.

Court reaches new ruling in 25-year-long case; Defendant asked for judge's recusal too late

HARRISBURG – The state Supreme Court has affirmed a judgment of the Superior Court in a case that has spanned more than 25 years.

State Supreme Court rules on test for bad faith insurance fights

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has taken a stand on what policy holders have to prove to lay the groundwork for a bad faith claim under the state’s bad faith statute.

Supreme Court rules evidence of pedestrian's intoxication relevant in collision case

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld a trial court’s decision to permit evidence demonstrating the intoxication of a pedestrian who died after being struck by a vehicle.

Supreme Court to hear malpractice case with Facebook posts used as evidence

A woman who claimed several medical providers failed to diagnose her with Lyme disease will be taking a medical malpractice suit to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and have her Facebook posts used as evidence against her.

State Supreme Court decision could lead to more lawsuits against doctors

HARRISBURG – Earlier this summer, the state Supreme Court issued a decision that could result in more lawsuits against doctors.

Attorney says court decision finding Philadelphia soda tax is constitutional was 'well-reasoned'

HARRISBURG – After the June 14 opinion filed by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania affirming the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas' judgment that the Philadelphia beverage tax is constitutional, one attorney contends that the decision is well-reasoned.

State Supreme Court ruling changes outcome of wrongful death appeal

HARRISBURG – A wrongful death and survival lawsuit was sent back to the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County for trial after a state Supreme Court ruling set a new precedent, according to a ruling made July 11 by the state Superior Court.

State Supreme Court rules fired worker not entitled to see personnel file

HARRISBURG — In a case that ultimately could have far-reaching impact across the state, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that terminated employees are precluded from inspecting their personnel files.

Superior Court rejects client's attempt to file new lawsuit against his former attorneys

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Superior Court has affirmed a Philadelphia County opinion rejecting a motion to file a new claim in an ongoing dispute between a client and his former attorneys.

Supreme Court says state can't use oil and gas lease funds for non-environmental purposes

HARRISBURG – A recent landmark ruling from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decreed the state government is not permitted to use money from the Oil and Gas Lease Fund towards purposes not related to environmental conservation.

State Gaming Control Board to receive matter of proposed South Philly casino complex

HARRISBURG – The question of whether the Live! Hotel and Casino complex will be constructed in South Philadelphia has once again been thrown to state regulators, per a decision last week from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh police prevail, will not be required to live within city limits

PITTSBURGH — The state Supreme Court on May 22 ruled that police officers in Pittsburgh must only live within 25 air miles of downtown instead of within city limits, upholding a 2014 decision by an arbitrator.

Supreme Court dismisses suit against Gaming Control Board claiming rules barred attorney from new job

HARRISBURG — The state Supreme Court has struck down a petition filed by an attorney claiming the state Gaming Control Board was restricting her from taking another job.

Dragonetti slayer rebuked

There are lots of attorneys in Pennsylvania who would like to slay the Dragonetti Act, and Thomas Schneider is one of them. He almost did it, too.

Appeals court upholds illegality of City of Pittsburgh paid sick leave ordinance

HARRISBURG — The City of Pittsburgh has lost its appeal of a 2015 verdict striking down a city ordinance requiring employers to offer paid sick leave to employees.

Bill would end elections for statewide judges

HARRISBURG - The House Judiciary Committee has approved a proposal that would pave the way for voters to decide if the state constitution should be altered to do away with the direct election of statewide judges.

Superior Court rejects Honda’s call for new trial in $55M case

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania appeals court has rejected American Honda Motor Co.’s motion for a new trial after a lower court’s jury awarded $55.3 million in damages to Carlos Martinez, who was paralyzed in an accident in a Honda vehicle.

Dissenting justice: Lawmakers overstepped authority with frivolous lawsuit measure

HARRISBURG – Two members of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, including Justice Christine Donohue, dissented from the majority view in a prominent case which examined the constitutionality of the Dragonetti Act as applied to attorneys in the state.