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Suit targets health system, seminary over alleged secret agreement

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 23, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A New Jersey resident is suing not-for-profit health system and a not-for-profit seminary for alleged breach of fiduciary duties through a joint venture relationship.

Employee seeks co-ownership of patents from former employer

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 22, 2016

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh resident is suing his former employer, alleging unjust enrichment, conversion and declaration of ownership surrounding the ownership of patent applications during his employment.

Former employee of Wawa seeking benefits after termination

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 22, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A former store employee and stockowner is suing his former employer, Wawa Inc., for alleged violations of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act

Ohio business accuses insulation company of copying product

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 18, 2016

PITTSBURGH — An Ohio-based company is suing a Johnstown insulation business, alleging unfair competition. 

Nurse accuses health center of discrimination, failed accommodations

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 18, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A certified nursing assistant is suing a Philadelphia health center, alleging violations of Title VII of the amended Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and the amended Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  

Bricklayers union alleges tile company delinquent in payments

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 18, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A bricklayers union, with its trustees and funds, is suing a tile and marble corporation and its CEO, alleging three counts of breach of contract.

Technology business alleges former employee used trade secrets

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 17, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A Berks County technology company is suing a former employee and his company, alleging he operated in competition against the plaintiff while still employed by his original company.

Company accuses Rajant of patent infringement

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 17, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A New York company is suing a Malvern business, alleging three counts of patent infringement.

Former owner alleges Abington Pain Medicine breached stock purchase deal

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 17, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — The former owner of a medicine business is suing the buyers of the company, alleging breach of the stock purchase agreement with more than $400,000 owed.

Confidential information dispute leads to court action

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 17, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — The principal employee of a consulting business is suing an Iowa company, seeking permanent injunctive relief surrounding the alleged unlawful taking of confidential information.

Customer alleges Progressive failed to pay insurance coverage

By Travis Zuellig | Mar 8, 2016

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh man involved in an auto accident is suing Progressive, alleging breach of contract and statutory bad faith surrounding his insurance policy.

Tile company sues employee in dispute over ownership of property

By Travis Zuellig | Feb 17, 2016

PITTSBURGH – A Pittsburgh-based tile and ceramics company is suing an employee for her acts of threatening suit for alleged infringement of intellectual property associated with design work performed under employment.

Teacher alleges Northern Cambria School District guilty of retaliation

By Travis Zuellig | Feb 2, 2016

ERIE — A teacher is suing a Pennsylvania school district, alleging retaliation for complaints about treatment of disabled students.

Union alleges M-Cat owes contributions

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 29, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – The Local Union No. 420 of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada, along with the Steamfitters Union Local No. 420 various funds and plans, is suing an individual and a mechanical corporation over delinquent contribution allegations.

Nissei alleges ex-worker, MRA Industrial violated contract

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 25, 2016

PITTSBURGH — Nissei is suing a former employee and a West Springfield company, alleging violation of contract.

Consulting firm challenges Pennsylvania election commission's petitions ruling

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 25, 2016

SCRANTON — A Texas man and a consulting company are suing two Pennsylvania state employees, challenging their rulings on election petitions.

Worker alleges Fairmount Foundry violated medical leave law

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 25, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — A former employee is suing a Hamburg foundry, alleging violations of the medical leave act.

Mother blames Correct Care, doctors for daughter's death

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 25, 2016

ERIE — A woman is suing two doctors, a physician assistant and a Cambridge Springs health care facility, alleging wrongful death of a relative.

Bedford Materials allegedly violated purchase agreement for craft paper

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 24, 2016

PITTSBURGH — A Swedish company is suing a Pennsylvania material company alleging it violated terms of a purchase agreement. 

Drexel accused of disability discrimination

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 24, 2016

PHILADELPHIA—A woman is suing a Philadelphia university and two former co-workers for alleged disability discrimination in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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