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Judge rules fraud claim cannot be added to Atlantic Holding's lawsuit

By Karen Kidd | Nov 20, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A federal judge has ruled a holding company based in India cannot add a fraud claim and name additional defendants in its groundwater contamination dispute against a Bethlehem metal electroplating company expected to go to trial in December.

Appellate court refuses to throw out Bishop Tube site petition

By Takesha Thomas | Aug 9, 2018

The legal fight to clean up the contaminated Bishop Tube site will continue, an appellate court ruled on July 25.

Pa. Supreme Court rejects DEP’s method for calculating water pollution penalties

By Sandra Lane | May 2, 2018

In a 5-2 decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently rejected the state Department of Environmental Protection’s method for assessing water contamination fines in a dispute with EQT Production Company over damages caused by water that had leaked from the company's hydraulic fracture gas wells in 2012.

Commonwealth Court overturns EHB order over oil and gas wells in Erie, Crawford counties

By Carrie Salls | Mar 26, 2018

HARRISBURG — The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has overturned an Environmental Hearing Board (EHB) administrative order that required B&R Resources LLC and managing member Richard F. Campola “to plug 47 abandoned oil and gas wells in Erie County and Crawford County,” according to an opinion filed on March 15.

Lancaster to address sewage discharge into Conestoga River after settlement with state, feds

By Laura Halleman | Jan 11, 2018

READING – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) have reached a settlement with the city of Lancaster to take action in ending sewage discharge into local waterways from storm and sewage systems.

Insurer ordered to pay up in contamination case

By Kacie Whaley | May 10, 2017

&&&HARRISBURG — The cost of contamination damages caused by chemical company Johnson Matthey Inc. will still be paid by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Company now that the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has denied the latter the chance to escape responsibility.

Agency might issue penalty to EQT before Supreme Court can hear case

By Carrie Salls | Jan 27, 2017

HARRISBURG – A planned state Department of Environmental Protection appeal of a Commonwealth Court ruling related to the continuation of unpermitted discharge penalties under the Clean Streams Law could be potentially rendered moot after the Environmental Hearing Board sets a penalty amount early this year.

Third Circuit defends challenge to its authority to rule in pipeline expansion project

By Kristin Danley-Greiner | Aug 19, 2016

PHILADELPHIA – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit recently released an opinion shooting down several challenges filed against environmental permits and authorizations that were granted by environmental regulatory agencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but the court had to defend why it was ruling on the cases in the first place.

DEP takes step toward regulating surface activities of oil and gas industry

By Mark Powell | May 18, 2016

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently took a step toward changing regulations regarding surface activity for oil and gas wells.

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