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Hearing regarding crash case's cancelled arbitration sessions continued to late April

PHILADELPHIA – A hearing connected to cancelled arbitration sessions in a motorcycle crash case has been moved back until late April, according to the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

Judge weighing motions in case over ATV accident at Dorney Park

PHILADELPHIA – A trio of separate motions are being considered in a lawsuit involving Allentown’s Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom water park and its contractors against a man whose leg was crushed and amputated in an accident.

City of Philadelphia still seeking sanctions against chicken restaurant owner

PHILADELPHIA – The operator of a Philadelphia fried chicken restaurant remains the subject of a hearing for sanctions, which the City of Philadelphia seeks to levy against him.

City still in pursuit of sanctions versus defendant in nearly $100K hair salon premises liability case

PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia continues to pursue sanctions against a co-defendant in a premises liability case which yielded a judgment of nearly $100,000.

Reconsideration motions approved in former carpenter's action against adhesive production companies

PHILADELPHIA – A pair of motions for reconsideration have been approved, in a former carpenter’s lawsuit against companies who manufactured adhesive products he says caused his cancer diagnosis.

Plaintiff counsel withdraws from trip-and-fall lawsuit citing client conflict

PHILADELPHIA – Citing a conflict with his client, a plaintiff attorney has withdrawn from a slip-and-fall lawsuit whose subject action took place at a Philadelphia residence.

Judge denies transfer motion in Harrisburg accidental drowning lawsuit

PHILADELPHIA – A motion to transfer a negligence lawsuit revolving around a teenager’s accidental drowning has been denied by a judge in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

Counsel disputes preliminary objections in apartment slip-and-fall case

PHILADELPHIA – A dispute over preliminary objections marks an apartment slip-and-fall proceeding in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.

Man says firing was violation of disability law

PHILADELPHIA — A man is suing two companies, alleging he was wrongfully terminated after wearing a doctor-prescribed walking boot to work.

Warehouse manager sues company for allegedly firing her for having a heart attack

Story CopyPHILADELPHIA — A former employee of the Best Friends Products Corp. is suing the company for allegations that she was unlawfully fired for her heart condition.

Man blames Amtrak for injuries allegedly sustained in fall

PHILADELPHIA — An Amtrak employee is suing the company for allegations that he was injured on the job as a result of its negligence.

Man blames ice cream shop for injuries allegedly sustained while waiting in line

HARRISBURG — A man is suing an ice cream shop for injuries he allegedly suffered from a fall when a door he was forced to lean against opened as he waited in line.

Pharmacy technician sues Enclara Pharmacia over wrongful termination claims

PHILADELPHIA – A former technician for Enclara Pharmacia Inc. is suing the company over claims that she was fired for wanted to take medical leave that was allegedly due her.

Man sues Aries Electronics over alleged wrongful termination

PHILADELPHIA – A former employee of Aries Electronics is suing the company, alleging he was discriminated against for taking medical leave and was wrongfully terminated as a result.

Former Mikmar Group drivers file class-action suit over unpaid overtime claims

PHILADELPHIA – Former employees of the Mikmar Group are filing a class-action suit against the company, seeking damages for alleged failure to pay overtime compensation.

Third Circuit: Washington Crossing Inn did not fire former banquet manager for age discrimination

PHILADELPHIA – A former banquet manager at the Washington Crossing Inn has not overcome a prior ruling of summary judgment made in favor of her prior employer, a federal appeals court declared.

City of Philadelphia granted summary judgment on false imprisonment and assault claims

PHILADELPHIA – The City of Philadelphia has been granted summary judgment on claims brought by a paraplegic man who claims Philadelphia police officers falsely imprisoned and assaulted him.

School District of Philadelphia still required to pay attorneys fees, Third Circuit says

PHILADELPHIA – The financial condition of the School District of Philadelphia, among other reasons, was not enough to convince the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit to overturn an award of attorneys fees issued by a trial court in an administrative due process action.

Spouse of defendant in sexual harassment case will not be subject to deposition

PHILADELPHIA – Per a federal court ruling, a protective order has been granted in a sexual harassment case that prevents a defendant’s spouse from providing a deposition in this matter.

Philadelphia school district denies ADA allegations, told to schedule settlement conference

PHILADELPHIA - A federal court judge has ordered a settlement conference to resolve a former teacher’s allegations that the Philadelphia school system discriminated against him because of a medical condition, then retaliated when he complained.