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Gender discrimination case against West Pharmaceutical Services closed

PHILADELPHIA — The case of a former employee who sued an Exton pharmaceutical business, alleging discrimination and wrongful termination, has been closed.

Two employees say company broke overtime law

PITTSBURGH — Two employees of Rush Wellsite Services have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for allegations of failing to pay proper overtime compensation.

Man sues Carlucci's Grill for age discrimination allegations

PHILADELPHIA – A former employee of Carlucci’s Grill is suing the company over claims that he was fired for being too old after 17 years of working in the restaurant.

Woman accuses former employer of pregnancy discrimination

PHILADELPHIA — A woman is suing a former employer, claiming she was fired as a result of her pregnancy.

Woman says supervisor sexually assaulted her

PHILADELPHIA — A former line cook for Bear Creek Mountain Resort is suing the company for allegations of sexual harassment and assault, which she says forced her to leave her position.

Woman claims discrimination by former employer

PITTSBURGH — A woman is suing National Church Residencies, alleging she was discriminated against for her age and wrongfully forced to resign after applying to her position for seven years.

Carpenter claims wage violation, retaliation

PHILADELPHIA — A former carpenter for ABC Capital Investments has filed a class-action suit against the company over allegations of failure to pay proper overtime compensation and retaliation that he claims led to his termination.

Woman claims age discrimination in firing

PITTSBURGH — A former employee of UPMC Jefferson Regional Home Health is suing the company for allegedly firing her on the basis of her age.

Man alleges hospital fired him for taking medical leave

PHILADELPHIA — A former employee of is suing a hospital for claims that he was fired in retaliation for taking medical leave.

Woman sues casino over discrimination claims

PHILADELPHIA — A former employee is suing a casino over allegations of gender and race discrimination.

Dental assistant sues over discrimination allegations

PHILADELPHIA — A dental assistant is suing over allegations that her supervisor behaved in a discriminatory and harassing manner.

Labor union accuses company of failing to make payments

PITTSBURGH — An iron workers’ labor union is suing a company for allegedly failing to make payments to the union.

CPA sues former employer for wrongful termination claims

PHILADELPHIA — A certified public accountant is suing her former employer for allegations of wrongful termination and unlawful enforcement of a non-compete clause.

Company accused of OSHA violations, improper firing

PHILADELPHIA — The secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor is suing a company for allegedly violating OSHA laws and wrongfully terminating employees.

Drilling equipment firm says bills unpaid

PITTSBURGH — A drilling equipment company is suing another company for allegedly owing the plaintiff more than $200,000 for contracted goods and services.

Electrician claims employer violated overtime-pay standards

PHILADELPHIA — An electrician has filed a class-action suit against a contractor, alleging failure to pay proper overtime wages.

Couple's lawsuit says insurer didn't pay on collision claims

PHILADELPHIA — A couple's lawsuit alleges that Liberty Mutual Insurance Company failed to pay on auto collision claims.

Woman accuses financial firm of age discrimination, wrongful termination

PHILADELPHIA — A former vice president of a financial firm is suing the company for allegations of age discrimination and wrongful termination.

Woman sues machine company for discrimination allegations

PHILADELPHIA — The former vice president of operations for a machine company is suing the company for allegations of sexual discrimination and wrongful termination.

Man claims HOA is violating Fair Housing Act

PHILADELPHIA — A man is suing his homeowners association, claiming an overly determined board of directors is improperly restricting him as he proposes widening his driveway for his disabled father.