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Jury awards $1.87 million in carbon monoxide death

A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury awarded a hefty judgment to the estate of a woman who died from carbon monoxide poisoning four years ago.

SEPTA sued over icy train station stairway

A South Philadelphia man is suing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority for injuries he sustained after falling on a slippery train station stairwell.

City sued over police department's 'Live Stop' enforcement tactic

Two separate lawsuits were filed against the City of Philadelphia and representatives of the Philadelphia Police Department and Philadelphia Parking Authority over the law enforcement tactic known as “Live Stop.”

Contractor sues city over unpaid interest from public works contract

A Huntingdon Valley, Pa. contracting firm that did municipal work three years ago is suing the City of Philadelphia for interest it claims it is owed after the city failed to amend the construction company’s public works contract in a timely manner.

Commonwealth tackles 'joint and several liability' reform

After two failed attempts at so-called “joint and several liability” reform, Pennsylvania lawmakers are once again focusing on how damages are awarded in civil litigation.

Jury selection under way in asbestos trial

Jury selection began this week in the trial of four separate asbestos cases being tried together at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, according to court records and the executive director of the Complex Litigation Center.

Texas woman files denture adhesive cream lawsuit; Defendants include GSK, Proctor & Gamble

A Texas woman has filed a mass tort denture adhesive cream lawsuit against the makers of two products she alleges caused her to sustain serious physical injuries.

City and apartment operator face premises liability lawsuit

A Philadelphia woman has filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia and an apartment complex operator for injuries she sustained after falling to the ground outside of the building.

Sunoco station faces slip-and-fall suit

A Pottstown, Pa. woman is suing a Sunoco gas station for injuries she sustained after slipping on a wet surface inside the company’s convenience store.

California couple files asbestos lawsuit

A California couple has filed a mass tort personal injury lawsuit at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas for injuries the male plaintiff is alleged to have sustained after working with asbestos.

SEPTA sued over trolley crash

A Philadelphia man who alleges he sustained injuries after being thrown around the inside of a SEPTA trolley is suing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the vehicle’s driver.

Opening statements made in asbestos lung cancer trial

“Death and destruction.”

Nursing assistant claims stretcher with corpse injured her

A former medical worker is suing a local funeral home for injuries she sustained after an unsecured stretcher on which lay a corpse fell against her.

Cab driver sues parking attendant over alleged assault

A cab driver has filed an assault and battery lawsuit against a parking attendant and the company for which he works for injuries the plaintiff sustained after a scuffle with the man.

Checkers Drive In hit with personal injury lawsuit

A restaurant patron who was sickened during a visit to a city establishment is suing the eatery for injuries he sustained after ingesting food purchased at the business.

Second day into asbestos trial, parties settle

In an unexpected turnaround, an asbestos trial involving four cases of malignant mesothelioma, two of them deaths, that was expected to last two to three weeks ended June 7 when all parties settled.

Apartment fight leads to assault and battery lawsuit

A Philadelphia man is suing a Baltimore, Md. man in civil court for injuries the plaintiff alleges he sustained after the defendant struck him in the face during a dispute.

Drexel University and contractor face lawsuit over injured laborer

A laborer doing work at a Drexel University construction site is suing the school and the contracting firm overseeing the worksite for injuries he sustained after falling off a ladder.

Wal-Mart faces premises liability lawsuit

Wal-Mart is facing a premises liability lawsuit after a former customer claims to have sustained various physical injuries after taking a spill at one of the company’s stores.

CBS 3 faces premises lability suit

A Philadelphia woman is suing local CBS news station KYW-TV for injuries she claims to have sustained after tripping over wires protruding from a news van.