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Couple sue Amtrak over injuries in accident

A couple are suing Amtrak over a train accident that resulted in injuries.

Hotel guests sue company, claiming it overcharges customers

Three hotel guests are suing a resort company over allegations of fraud in overcharging customers.

Family of man killed in Amtrak accident alleges wrongful death

The family of a man killed in a train accident is suing Amtrak, alleging wrongful death.

Disabled woman sues office suppy chain over access to store

A disabled woman is suing a national office supply chain for allegedly failing to provide wheelchair access into the company’s store.

Music company sues Philadelphia bar over copyright violation

A music corporation is suing a Philadelphia bar over copyright infringement.

Wife sues medical providers over husband's death

A Pittsburg woman is suing two medical providers over malpractice that resulted in the death of her husband.

Propane company sues insurance company over unpaid claim

A Columbia County business is suing its insurance company over an unpaid claim.

Passenger on derailed Amtrak sues for injuries

A passenger on an Amtrak train that derailed is suing the transportation company over injuries she sustained in the accident.

Former employee sues Consol Energy, alleges discrimination

A Venetia man is suing is former employers over allegations of discrimination.

SEPTA police charged with civil rights violation

A Darby man is suing two police officers, alleging excessive force and unlawful arrest.

Shipyard contractor alleges racial discrimination after $15M bid rejected

A Philadelphia contractor is suing a shipyard, alleging racial discrimination.

Homeowners sue Oregon Scientific over fire

Two Crafton residents are suing an energy company over allegations that the company’s faulty product caused a fire that destroyed their home.

Contractor sues shipyard over racial discrimination

A Philadelphia contractor is suing a shipyard over allegations of racial discrimination.

Man sues SEPTA police over alleged civil rights violation

A Darby man is suing two police officers for allegedly using excessive force and making an unlawful arrest.

Couple allege unfair gas company billing practices

A couple are suing the city of Philadelphia and a gas company, alleging unfair billing practices.

Man alleges Lewistown police officers used excessive force

A Lewistown man is suing five local police officers, alleging they violated his constitutional rights.

Former restaurant manager sues after complaint of pay inequality

A Cumberland County woman is suing a restaurant owner over allegations of gender discrimination.

Former deputy director at dentention center alleges discrimination

A Pittsburgh woman is suing Allegheny County’s juvenile detention center and her supervisors, alleging discrimination and emotional distress.

Woman sues Ingram Micro, claims slip caused husband's death

A Bucks County woman is suing an electronics distribution company over a slip and fall that allegedly resulted in her husband’s death.

Couple sue neighbors over property dispute

A York County couple are suing their neighbors over a property dispute.