News from December 2018

Insurance company claims contractor's botched fireplace led to fire damage

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 13, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A liability insurer is suing Al-Kaz Inc., a contractor, citing alleged breach of contract and breach of warranty.

Attorney claims Lemanowicz law firm owes more than $44,000

By Philip Gonzales | Dec 14, 2018

MEDIA — An attorney is suing Lemanowicz LLP and Richard J. Lemanowicz, law firm and owner, citing alleged breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Judge rules Dollar General missed deadline in personal injury case

By Karen Kidd | Dec 14, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A personal injury case against Dolgencorp, parent company of Dollar General retail stores, is on its way back to a Pennsylvania state court after a federal judge ruled last month that the company's attempt to remove the case to U.S. district court took too long.

Bristol-Myers Squibb must face whistleblower lawsuit that says it underpaid state Medicaid rebates

By Karen Kidd | Dec 14, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A New York-based pharmaceutical giant will have to answer allegations that it underpaid rebates for almost a decade to state Medicaid programs following a federal judge's decision last month to not dismiss the case.

Superior Court rules plaintiff doesn't need expert's report in driver's lawsuit against Sunoco

By Karen Kidd | Dec 14, 2018

HARRISBURG — The negligence case of a driver injured at a Texas-based motor fuels company's facility in Chester County is on its way back to a Philadelphia court following a state superior court's ruling last month.

Federal judge troubled by decision to order sexual harassment case into arbitration

By Karen Kidd | Dec 14, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A federal judge who last month ordered a sexual harassment lawsuit against a Maryland-based talent agency into arbitration admitted he was troubled by his seemingly inevitable decision in the case.

Man's chemical exposure injury lawsuit sent to Berks County court

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA – A lawsuit filed by a man who suffered blisters and rashes allegedly as a result of chemical exposure at a manufacturing plant has been transferred to the Berks County Court of Common Pleas.

Former federal judge Lawrence Stengel chosen to look for fraud in NFL concussion litigation

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 17, 2018

LANCASTER – It was announced Monday that a former U.S. District Court judge has been appointed to oversee the National Football League’s $1 billion Concussion Settlement program as its Special Investigator.

Judge backs SEPTA's advertising policy; Comic was rejected for display on buses

By Takesha Thomas | Dec 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - A Pennsylvania federal court has upheld the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority's (SEPTA) advertisement policy.

Commonwealth Court rules key portions of 2017 fireworks law unconstitutional

By Karen Kidd | Dec 17, 2018

HARRISBURG — Key portions of a year-old Pennsylvania fireworks law went up in smoke this month when the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled parts of the legislation are unconstitutional.

Cashier claims she was victim of sexual harassment at Home Depot

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Dec 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A cashier is suing Home Depot USA Inc. and David Carter, employer and supervisor, citing alleged hostile work environment, retaliation, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and violation of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.

Delivery man claims he was defamed by General Electric; He's accused of stealing a fridge

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Dec 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A delivery man is suing General Electric Co., citing alleged defamation.

U.S. claims Harrisburg's Velter Products owes over $44,000 in labor fines

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Dec 17, 2018

HARRISBURG — The United States of America is suing Velter Products Inc., a Pennsylvania company, citing alleged breach of contract.

FirstEnergy files motion to dismiss security guard's lawsuit over alleged fall down staircase at Beaver Valley Nuclear

By Chandra Lye | Dec 17, 2018

PITTSBURGH - FirstEnergy Corp. has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a security guard who sued it and four other FirstEnergy entities over an alleged fall down stairs.

Pennsylvania couple claim Hyundai was negligent in vehicle's manufacturing

By Chandra Lye | Dec 17, 2018

PITTSBURGH - A Pennsylvania couple have sued Hyundai Motors, claiming faulty manufacturing was the cause of the husband’s head injury during a car collision.

American Airlines accused by employee of HIV discrimination

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — A fleet service agent is suing American Airlines, claiming it discriminated against him because of his race and disability.

Security officer acquitted of murder sues Reading Police Dept.; He spent 18 months in jail

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 17, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — An Italian Garden Bar security agent is suing Reading Police Department and Det. Joseph Snell, citing alleged malicious prosecution/wrongful imprisonment/false arrest and violation of due process.

Lawsuit: Pittsburgh priest Richard Lelonis is one of the redacted names in sexual abuse grand jury report

By Nicholas Malfitano | Dec 18, 2018

PITTSBURGH – A new sexual abuse lawsuit in Pittsburgh says Reverend Richard Lelonis, a suspended priest, is one of the 19 accused predators whose names were redacted in a grand jury report that alleges decades of protection for pedophiles working for the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.

Court orders Navient to produce disputed records of borrowers

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 18, 2018

HARRISBURG -- Student loan servicer Navient was presented with a court order in Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro's lawsuit that requires the company to produce disputed records of borrowers.

Crunch Waterfront allegedly increased membership fees without consent

By Bree Gonzales | Dec 18, 2018

PITTSBURGH — A member has filed a class action lawsuit against Cornerstone Fitness Waterfront LLC, d/b/a Crunch Waterfront and other entities, citing alleged violations of the Health Club Act and Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

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