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Motorist says trucker caused collision on Interstate 80

HARRISBURG — A motorist is suing Horwith Trucks Inc.; LV Company Inc.; Penn Truck Leasing Inc.; and Laurie E. Boettinger, administratrix of the estate of William Boettinger, Pennsylvania corporations and their truck-driver employee, alleging negligence and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Union fund trustees say employer failed to make contributions

PITTSBURGH — Union trustees are suing Johnson Controls, an employer, citing alleged breach of contract and failure to pay contributions.

Couple's suit claims trailer hit vehicle

PITTSBURGH — A couple's lawsuit against Thomas Teets and Cellurale Landscaping & Maintenance Contracting Inc., a motorist and his employer, alleges negligence and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Woman says disability benefits were improperly denied

PITTSBURGH — A woman is suing Prudential Insurance Co. of America, claiming the insurer violate the Employee Retirement Income Security Act by improperly terminated her long-term disability benefits after she was injured in a crash.

Man says credit reporting agencies spread false information

PHILADELPHIA — A man is suing TransUnion LLC and Equifax Information Services LLC, claiming violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Employer sues union over filing of grievance

PITTSBURGH — An employer is suing the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, AFL-CIO-CLC, citing alleged breach of contract.

Company says property was misappropriated

HARRISBURG — A New Jersey company is suing Modular Steel Systems Inc., a Pennsylvania organization, citing alleged breach of contract.

Woman says employer improperly denied benefits

PITTSBURGH — A woman is suing her employer, The Walman Optical Company, saying she was wrongfully denied long-term disability benefits in a company-administered plan.

Boy is sued over golf-club incident

HARRISBURG — A minor boy is suing Kyle Costello, alleging negligence and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries when the two boys, then 11, were in a physical education class.

Couples claim toaster started fire

PHILADELPHIA — Two couples are suing T-Fal Corporation, d/b/a T-Fal USA, a consumer appliances manufacturer, citing alleged breach of implied warranty, design defect, failure to warn, liability and product liability.

Attorney says Xarelto clinical trials were little more than 'science fair project'

PHILADELPHIA – The quality and depth of clinical trials of the blood-thinner Xarelto could be a key issue when the first trials over the drug begin in Philadelphia courtrooms.

Judgment won't be opened against builder that had delay in responding to sheet metal worker's injury case

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia judge has rejected a petition to open a judgment levied against a Camden, N.J.-based builder that claimed an insurance carrier’s analysis delayed its response to service of a personal injury lawsuit.

Motions to withdraw appearance and enforce settlement are rescinded in accident litigation

PHILADELPHIA – Motions from plaintiff counsel to withdraw appearance and defense counsel to enforce settlement in a car accident case have both been withdrawn by the attorneys who initially filed them.

Settlement enforcement motion contested in Philadelphia sidewalk fall action

PHILADELPHIA – A settlement enforcement motion is currently being contested in a sidewalk fall case between one defendant and the City of Philadelphia, over a variety of costs associated with a prospective settlement in the case.

After continuance, fate of venue and service objections to be decided in injury case

PHILADELPHIA – Following a continuance, preliminary objections connected to venue and proper service for a Coatesville-based personal injury lawsuit will finally be decided.

Lack of cooperation and desire to discontinue case leads plaintiff's attorney to withdraw

PHILADELPHIA – Citing a lack of cooperation and an intent of his client to discontinue pursuing damages in a car accident litigation, plaintiff counsel has filed to leave the case.

Car crash case moving forward after switches in plaintiff's representation

PHILADELPHIA – After a number of possible switches in representation, a plaintiff’s injury lawsuit related to a 2012 motor vehicle accident appears poised to move forward.

Plaintiff counsel withdrawing from personal injury case caused by workplace mold exposure

PHILADELPHIA – Plaintiff counsel in the case of a woman who claims she became disabled after long-term exposure to mold in her workplace has opted to leave the litigation associated with those claims.

Debate ensues over whether furniture injury lawsuit is headed to arbitration

PHILADELPHIA – A dresser’s mirror, allegedly installed in an improper fashion, has led to both an injury lawsuit and a disagreement over whether the case is headed to arbitration.

Brookhaven police chief dismissed from federal civil rights violations lawsuit

PHILADELPHIA – A local police chief was recently dismissed from a Crum Lynne man’s lawsuit alleging his civil rights were violated by the chief and a number of his department’s police officers.