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Erickson Manufacturing accused of patent infringement

A Pennsylvania corporation is suing the Michigan company over alleged patent infringement.

Macson Corporation accused of not making labor fund contributions

Labor funds are suing the employer, citing alleged breach of contract.

Ambassador Dealer Funding accused of infringing on patent

A Pennsylvania company is suing two former employees and the Louisiana corporation over alleged patent infringement.

MVP Group International, Dollar General blamed for injuries

A man is suing over injuries allegedly suffered when a glass lid on a candle broke.

Erie Coke Corporation accused of violating Clean Air Act

The federal government is suing the Pennsylvania company, alleging violation of federal environmental law.

Life Insurance Company of North America accused of wrongly denying benefits

A man is suing an insurer, alleging breach of contract in the denial of long-term disability benefits.

NHS Human Services accused of violating wage laws

A former employee is suing NHS Human Services, alleging the employer failed to pay her proper overtime compensation.

Mercy Health System of Southern Pennsylvania accused of violating wage laws

A former employee is suing Mercy Health, alleging violation of wage laws.

Experian, Equifax accused of reporting false information

A Reading man is suing the credit reporting agencies for alleged defamation, misrepresentation in debt collection and violation of federal law.

TransUnion, Experian, others accused of breaching duty in credit history

A woman's lawsuit claims the credit reporting agencies breached their duty and violated federal law.

Fees in Venango County Sheriff's sale levied improperly, Superior Court says

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has overturned a trial court ruling that denied a defendant’s exceptions to the Proposed Schedule of Distribution submitted by the Venango County Sheriff in a mortgage foreclosure action following a sheriff’s sale of real property located in Oil City.

Third Circuit upholds dismissal of developer's action against City of Philadelphia, City Council

Citing the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s “excellent opinion,” the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has upheld a ruling dismissing a developer’s lawsuit for failure to state a claim.

Website ADA compliance cases spike; ruling seen as 'not a good sign' for defendants

Pennsylvania is one of three states, along with New York and California, where Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits filed in connection with allegedly inaccessible websites have steadily increased.

Data from wearable fitness devices could be important evidence in workplace litigation

Wearable activity trackers are essential for many people at the gym, but it seems now that Fitbit, Jawbone and others could be just as important in the courtroom, given precedents set in a 2015 Lancaster case that debunked a plaintiff's story, as well as other cases elsewhere.

Woman blames property owners for injuries allegedly suffered in fall down stairs

A woman who was a business invitee to a couple's premises is suing over allegations that she was injured due to negligence and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Woman says Unum Life Insurance Company of America improperly denied benefits

The woman is suing the insurer, citing alleged breach of contract.

Company blamed for allegedly selling defective part used in wheelchair lift

An insurance firm and its insured party that makes wheelchair lifts are suing a Wisconsin corporation, citing alleged liability.

Third Circuit dismisses 'frivolous' defamation claims

A federal appellate judge turned away the appeal of a former congressional candidate who claims he was defamed by private citizens in the district where his campaign took place.

Commonwealth Court overturns trial court's view of 'de minimus' vehicle registration compliance

In the eyes of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the three-month suspension of a man’s vehicle registration imposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (DOT) was valid.

Judges appear to gain autonomy in weighing medical claims in workers' compensation cases

A leading labor and employment attorney advises employers to pay closer attention to work-related injuries and be sure to request that impairment rating evaluation physicians appointed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) defer evaluations of cases to other experts with specialized expertise in each medical situation.