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Negligence action against nursing care facility remanded to Lancaster court

HARRISBURG – The Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas will once again hear proceedings in a negligence and wrongful death action against a Lancaster nursing care facility, after judiciary panels in both the Superior Court and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania entered rulings on the case.

Woman sues Lowe's after alleged fall at Carnegie store

PITTSBURGH — A married couple's lawsuit against Lowes Home Centers Inc. alleges negligence, liability and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Former corrections dept. director accuses department, officials of discrimination

HARRISBURG — A former employee is suing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and state officials John E. Wetzel, Shirley Moore Smeal, Christopher Oppman, William Sprenkle, Kathryn McVey, Marc Goldberg, Ty Stanton and Timothy Musser, alleging discrimination, hostile work environment and retaliation.

Delaware Co. correctional facility accused of not tending to broken foot

PHILADELPHIA — A man is suing Community Education Centers, a New Jersey corporation that operates the private George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Delaware County, alleging negligence.

Chartiers Community Health accused of retaliation over FMLA leave

PITTSBURGH — An employee is suing Chartiers Community Health, alleging retaliation and violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Former Mudtech Services worker files class action against company

PITTSBURGH — A former employee has filed a class action lawsuit against Mudtech Services L.P., alleging violation of Pennsylvania and Ohio wage laws.

Jendoco Construction blamed for woman's fall

PITTSBURGH — A married couple's lawsuit against Jendoco Construction Corp., a Pennsylvania corporation, alleges negligence, liability and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Labor union, Ameridrives International accused of violating man's rights

PITTSBURGH — A union member and former maintenance electrician has filed suit alleging violation of labor-management relations laws and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Woman blames landlord for wrist fracture

PITTSBURGH — A woman is suing landlord William A. Hammonds, alleging negligence, liability and insufficient measures taken to prevent injuries.

Monroeville sues company over taxes

PITTSBURGH — A borough in Allegheny County is suing Richard Depaulis and Cyndi Depaulis, t/d/b/a General Talent Associates, alleging failure to pay taxes and license fees for the years 2002 through 2010.

Fandings LLC accused of not paying for work on Sports Debate Application

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh corporation is suing Fandings LLC,, also based in Pittsburgh, citing alleged breach of contract.

Gus's Cafe accused of not filing tax returns

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh-based Gus's Cafe LLC, t/d/b/a Gus's Cafe, is being sued by Allegheny County over an alleged failure to pay file and remit taxes.

Equipment Corporation of America claims invoices weren't paid

PITTSBURGH — A Pennsylvania business is suing Leeward Construction, Inc. and Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland, a corporation based in New Jersey, citing alleged breach of contract.

North Carolina-based Bandit Golf alleged to have stiffed equipment supplier

PITTSBURGH — A man is suing North Carolina residents Robert A. Johns and Cherri S. Johns t/d/b/a Bandit Golf, citing alleged breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Trial court decision on attorneys fees vacated, contract case remanded

PHILADELPHIA – A panel of appellate judges has ruled to vacate a trial court’s decision with respect to the determination of appropriate attorney’s fees in a contract action, and remand the litigation to its trial court for a “reasonable” fee examination.

Joinder motion denied and complaint amendment permitted in vehicle personal injury case

PHILADELPHIA – A federal judge says an Ashley man will not be permitted to join the alleged driver of the vehicle which injured him as a necessary party, but will be allowed to amend his complaint to add a charge of negligent entrustment.

Summary judgment granted to defendant in Fair Credit Reporting Act case

PHILADELPHIA – A plaintiff’s lack of response in litigation related to alleged violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by a related agency, has led a federal judge to grant summary judgment to the case’s defendant.

Couple blame Medline Industries for injuries in fall

PITTSBURGH — A married couple's lawsuit against Medline Industries Inc., an Illinois corporation, alleges negligence, product liability and loss of consortium.

Sam's Club incident allegedly caused injuries

PITTSBURGH — A married couple's lawsuit against Walmart Stores Inc. and Sam's East Inc. alleges negligence in connection with injuries suffered at the Sam's Club in Tarentum.

Dollar Tree Stores, others blamed for injuries

PHILADELPHIA — A married couple's lawsuit against Dollar Tree Stores Inc.; Awesome Products Inc. d/b/a LA's Totally Awesome; and John Does 1 to 4 alleges negligence, liability and loss of consortium in connection with a slip-and-fall incident.